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C’sC HQ Open House and Washington Street Leaf Harvest

Curious as to what happens to all your food scraps?
Want to learn how to worm compost or build your own pallet bin?
Keen on having a play-date with a few friendly chickens or get your hands dirty screening dirt?
Or maybe you’re just jonesin’ to scrub a couple nasty buckets?

Well, you are in luck! Pencil in Saturday, Oct. 27 fro 2 – 4pm at my place, 841 Washington Street, for our 1st annual open house and neighborhood autumn party.

We will also be harvesting as many leaves from the street (the city can’t hog ’em all eh?) as possible (got to keep those piles well balanced and happy ya know!) so bring rakes, bags, bins, wheelbarrows, and bike trailers if you’d like to help.

Thanks again for all that you do cause there would be no Carter’s Compost without awesome neighbors like you to fill the buckets.

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