Carter’s Compost is Traverse City’s bike-powered, neighborhood kitchen scrap go-getters. We started in April of 2012 and have now helped 100+ neighbors/businesses in and around TC compost their kitchen scraps.

We are 100% bike-powered. We use pedal power to help green our neighborhood, reduce waste, save landfill space, and grow awesome garden soil.

We compost the kitchen scraps using our worms and piles here at C’sC World HQ, as well as in our Neighborhood Compost Stations and sharing piles.

Once the compost is ready, we give it back to our members so that they can use it in their garden to grow yummy veggies. This is called “completing the cycle”.

Growing neighborhood food using neighborhood compost made from neighborhood kitchen scraps = Awesome!

Compost isn’t complicated but sometimes people are just too busy to turn the pile, worry about Carbon and Nitrogen ratios or wrangle worms.  Some neighbors don’t have the space at home and others just don’t know how to compost their kitchen scraps.

Carter’s Compost is dedicated to building community by making composting super easy for our Traverse City neighbors.

Sign up for weekly bike-powered kitchen scrap pick-ups for just $10/month HERE.


Already recycling your kitchen scraps at home?  Commit to being a Compost Champion HERE and then consider sharing your pile with a neighbor so that we can add you to our map HERE.

Thanks and Compost On!

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